Basic Level Yoga Classes

What is on Basic Level Yoga Classes?

  • For basic level yoga classes, focus on foundational poses. Emphasize proper Alignment and Breathing Techniques to build a strong base.
  • Gradually introduce students to basic sequences, keeping it accessible for beginners. Don’t forget to encourage mindfulness and relaxation in each session.
  • In basic level yoga classes, teachers typically start by explaining fundamental poses and their correct alignment. They guide students through gentle warm-up and Yoga poses and introduce basic breathing techniques. The emphasis is on foundational postures, allowing students to build strength and flexibility, Stamina and Strength progressively. Teachers provide clear instructions, demonstrate poses, and offer modifications to accommodate different abilities.
  • Classes often include relaxation and mindfulness elements, fostering a holistic approach to well-being. It’s important for instructors to create a supportive and inclusive environment for beginners.

Our Focus On...

  • Physical strength can be improved through regular Yoga.
  • Mental strength – ability to handle challenges, setbacks, and stress with a positive attitude
  • Ability to focus, concentrate, and stay engaged in mentally & Ability of the body to perform tasks that require physical exertion over an extended period.
  • Ability of muscles and connective tissues to lengthen and allow for movement within joints.
  • Ability to direct one’s attention and mental effort toward a specific task, object, or thought while filtering out distractions.
Asana Option
  • Modifying yoga asanas (poses) can be essential for individuals with varying levels of flexibility, strength, injuries, or physical limitations.
Asana Alignments
  • Proper alignment is necessary for maximizing the benefits of each pose, preventing injuries, and promoting a safe and effective yoga practice.
Asana Observation
  • Yoga teachers or instructors to provide, corrections, and guidance to ensure that practitioners are performing the poses safely and effectively.
Asana Correction
  • Ensure proper alignment, safety, and effectiveness. Yoga instructors or teachers often provide corrections during classes to help practitioners get the most out of their practice and avoid potential injuries
  • Sometimes Practitioners need Proper Support Then teacher provides to achieve the Final Pose.
Internal Benefits
  • Yoga offers a wide range of internal benefits that go beyond its physical aspects. Many of these internal benefits are related to mental, emotional, and physiological well-being